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In the process of my graduate and Post-graduate studies I have worked on a number or projects related to AI and Expert Systems.

JULIA Toolkit

JULIA (Java Universal Library for Intalligent Applications) is a toolkit for creating distributed and embedded intelligent systems. It consists of JULIA Core Library, written in Java, which allows to add intelligent behaviour to any information system through the use of Java classes, or through CORBA interface. JULIA uses frame knowledge representation with productions, supports backward and forward chaining, integration of Java classes and functions into the frame model, support for frame-based database access and more. Several instances of JULIA toolkit can interoperate through any TCP/IP network, doing inference on frame hierarchy distributed over different network nodes, and exchanging both static and dynamic knowledge. JULIA can also be used for remote throug-the-web consultation using think- and thin-clien model (Java Applets or Servlets).

You can have a look at the related publication. More information and a version for download would be available later.

DIET Toolkit

DIET Toolkit (Distributed Inference Engines Technology) is the previous generation of Expert Systems technology, which supports a simplified production model. It is extremely efficient, especially when used for web consultations. Supports only backward chaining inference.

You can have a look at the related publication. More information and a version for download would be available later.

High-level Code Generation

High-level code generation tools convert knowledge-bases to the code in a high-level programming languages such as Pascal, C++, etc. High-level code generators are availabe for both JULIA and DIET toolkits.

Expert Systems

I have developed a number or Expert Systems, including the ones for:

  • Diagnostics of Urological Diseases (in cooperation with Igor Lukianov, who now prepares PhD thesis on this topic). It is a part of the corresponding Intelligent Information System.
  • Prediction of computer cost and determination of configuration based on a set or requirements and user dialog

I also lead the projects of using expert systems technology in adaptive testing, in web resource promotion, etc. More information will be available later.