Current Occupation

Current Occupation Employment History

I am quite an enthusiastic person, so I cannot cope with having just one place of work. I also feel that I have to do something important in life, but important things are not generally paid well, so I have to combine doing several things.

Teaching at MAI

I work as an Associate Professor at the Department of Numerical Mathematics and Programming of Moscow Aviation Technical University, and teaching a number or courses on AI, Logic Programming and Computer Science to students of Applied Math. Faculty. I am also responsible for supervising a number of diploma projects, course projects and post-graduate students.

Web Development &
Internet Project Management

My other occupation now is with an American company called Partners in Computing Services International, LLC, where I am responsible for architecting a collaborative portal infrastructure called Community*Now. I have previously worked as a Web Developer at International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), an American Non-Governmental organization with an office in Moscow.


My research interests include AI, distributed computing and web technologies. I am presently involved in research on distributed knowledge representation for the problems of knowledge sharing and reuse in heterogeneous environments, on knowledge acquisition using functional decomposition techniques. I also oversee the local AI Laboratory MAILabs.