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My major professional activity is web development, which primarily includes web programming, but also web design and site maintenance. Here are the sites I have developed or have taken part in development.

http://www.irex.ru - Corporate Web Site for IREX/Russia
IREX is a non-governmental American organization that operates in Russia. IREX Corporate Web site provides information on IREX programs, as well as general information about the organization. The site is updated quite often, and has many visitors.
The site is partially database-driven, and offers some intractive features (subscription to mailing list, a discussion forum, custom counter, newsfeed, etc.). The site is developed in hand-written HTML, using ASP/Perl for server-side scripting. Web server uses Apache under FreeBSD, and MySQL for database access. The site was completely developed by me.
http://www.expat.ru - A Virtual Community of Expats in Moscow
Expat.ru is an interactive web site serving the international community in Moscow. It features custom-programed threaded message boards, interactive games, dynamic content, and many other features of community sites. The site is using ASP/Visual Basic technology and MS SQL Server as database back-end.
The site was originally created, and is now owned and managed by Wordsmiths Communications. I have done much of the programming for the site, including custom banner system with online management, newslines, moving the site over to MS SQL from anoter DB back-end, etc, and also took part in Information Architecture, Web and Graphic Design. Later on I was managing the group of web programmers to maintain the site and develop new features.
http://www.chss.irex.ru - Community Site for Humanities
This interactive community site is intended to bring together scholars and scientists working in the field of humanities and social sciences. It was developed by IREX with financial support from Carnegie Corporation of New York. As Web Developer working at IREX full-time it was my responsibility to do all information architecture, graphic and web design, programming and maintenance of this site. The site uses ASP/Perl running on Apache under FreeBSD, and uses MySQL as DB back-end. It contains forums, real-time chat system, hierachical resource catalog, and the feature of through-the-web maintainance the site dynamic content by different "site administrators".
This site of tailoring firm was developed by Wordsmiths Communications. I have done the HTML layout for the site in plain HTML 3.2, which makes the site accessible to users with oldest versions of the browsers. The site is static.
http://www.irex.ru/publications/polemika - Polemika Online Magazine
This on-line periodical magazine is a part of IREX web site, but is actually a resource by itself. Published quarterly, it features articles by alumni of academic programs sponsored by US governemt, as well as other scholars. Now maitained by IREX/DC webmaster, but it was originally web-designed by me.
http://www.2000.irex.ru - IREX achievements in Y2k
This site was created as a presentation for a conference, and lists major IREX programs and achievements in the year 2000.
Plain HTML.
http://www.interpub.irex.ru - Online Publication on Internet in Russia
This online publication features the interviews with many well-known personalities in Russian internet. It is the electronic version of the book published by IREX in 2000.
The site was typset using the perl script, which processed the text files and generated the resulting HTML pages. The whole book (800 Kb HTML text, 250 pages of printed text) took just several days to typeset, not including the time to do HTML design and additional features.
http://www.paintings.freenet.ru - Anna Soshnikova's Picture Gallery
This is a virtual picture gallery of my mother. Static HTML for the moment, but later on I plan to implements database solution.
http://www.glasnet.ru/~lukianovi/urodept - Urological Dept. of Botkin State Hospital
This site was developed for Urological Department of Botkin State Hospital. Apart from general information about the department, it also contains the online expert system for sample urological diagnostics, developed using DIET technology.

Databases developed for CHSS

Consortium for the Humanities and Social Sciences, managed by and sponsored by Carnegie Corporation of New York runs a program of Online Database development for applicants who want to make the web version of their existing database. As IREX web developer, I am responsible for creation of such databases.

http://project.db.irex.ru http://project.db.irex.ru
This site offers the online directory of projects in the field of Humanities and Social sciences. This site provides information on russian emmigration, including bibliography, dictionary of people and terms, and a catalogue of available archives and publications. Site has more then 100 visitors per day.

Personal Homepages

I have helped some of my friends to develope their home pages.

www.chat.ru/~cruel_angel www.chat.ru/~rwsh www.chat.ru/~coolkat

Old Sites

http://old.irex.ru - Previous design of IREX Web Site
The previous design of IREX web site was done in pure HTML with some Javascript client-side scripts. It featured quite convenient information architecture.

Sites still in development

AIBEc - American Institute of Business and Economics
Web Site for American Institute of Business and Economics is an interactive corporate site, which features database-driven staff and student directory, online catalog with through-the-web maintenance, online document exchange system, schedule, courses catalog and many other features. Developed using ASP/Perl. I was responsible for web programming, some information architecture development and HTML layout. Graphical design was partly outsourced, although I had to do the design of textual elements myself.
http://www.meetingpoint.ru - Site of the International Afterwork Meeting Point
International AfterWork Meeting Point is a weekly gathering of Expat community in Moscow. SHWARSICO Association and me personally provide IT support for the event, including site design, domain registration, and support of weekly personalized mailings.
http://www.shwarsico.com - Web Site for SHWARSICO Association
This is the web site for SHWARSICO Association.

Other Designs

A Wedding of My Friend