Information Systems

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During my life, I have designed or taken part in design of a number of information system. Some of them are presented below.

Intelligent Information Systems

URODiag - Intelligent Info System for Urological Diagnostics
This intelligent information system is developed for Urological Department of Botkin State Hospital. Apart from database of patients (stored as a set of local password-protected Paradox tables or in SQL server) it contains an expert system for diagnosis and treatment recommendations or patients with urological diseases. High-level code generation is used to include the knowledge-base into the executable, but the system also supports the consultation with DIET expert systems technology.
I have a number of publications on this system.

Plain Database Information Systems

I have developed a number of plain information systems, including a Student Database for the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics of Moscow Aviation Technical University (in cooperation with Tanya Tiknonova). The most recent project (still under development) is the corporate database for Wordsmiths Communications, a Moscow-based US translation component. More information (including screen shots) will be available later.

CASE Systems

MetaPascal Learning Environment
MetaPascal programming environment is an entry-level CASE tool for learning Pascal Programming. It allows for graphical and dialog-based construction of Pascal Programs, using some pre-defined high-level abstract data types.
I have a publication on this system.

Multimedia Systems

I have developed a couple of multimedia CDs, including SUTKI-Multimedia magazine and SHWARSICO Entertainment Pack. More information will be available later.