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Finally, after several years of intentions of doing my nice-and-beautiful home page, I have finally found a free day to sit down and put at least something on the net, so that people wondering who I am (and also other visitors who are not wondering and just dropped by to find something useful here) can get some info.

No need to mention that this page is far from being perfect, and if I am able to find some more time and enthusiasm to spend on it I will add some bells and whistles. But there should be enough info to learn about my basic activities and intentions in life.

I am presently 28, and will be turning 29 in March. I live in Moscow, at the nice area near the Vodni Stadion metro station. Presently, I try combine being an Associate Professor at the department of Numerical Mathematics and Programming of Moscow Aviation Technical University with reseach and working as a senior programmer analyst for an american company.

There are three things that I like in life:

  • People (and related things: relations, psychology, etc.)
  • Technology - in particular web technology and telecommunications. I believe that computers (and Internet) are great things (if used right and with caution) given to himankind to improve our ways or living and to explore the environment we are living in.
  • Synergetic equillibrium between diversity and monotony, extreme impressions in life and tranquility. At some point you will find my philosophical thought on this page.

Those three things mostly cover all areas that I enjoy in life: photography and video filming (both digital and real-life), writing (both verse and prose), etc.