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Here are my qualifications taken from the current resume:

  • Web design. Knowledge of HTML (3.2, 4.0), CSS. Some experience with software products for HTML authoring (Macromedia DreamWeaver, MS FrontPage, Netscape Editor), although preferred method is direct HTML coding. Experience in web programming including: Java applets, JavaScript, CGI scripting (using Perl, Shell, C/C++, Pascal, Java), ASP/Perl, ASP/Visual Basic, RealAudio, RealVideo, etc. Basic conceptual knowledge (with no in-depth experience) Servlet technology, PHP3, emb_perl, XML. Basic knowledge of Macromedia Flash.
  • Knowledge of Internet/Intranet technologies (TCP/IP protocol, Internet services, etc.), experience with preparing and teaching courses on related subjects.
  • Knowledge of database technologies (particularly relational databases), SQL, principles of database implementation and design. Experience in implementing RDBMS-based information systems using MS SQL Server, BDE (Paradox-based), mySQL, Sybase and web-based interfaces. Experience with installation and setup of mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 7.0 on UNIX platforms and MS SQL Server, Sybase on Windows NT (server and client software).
  • Some experience with computer graphics to the extent required to produce web design elements (buttons, frames, backgrounds, etc.): Adobe Photoshop 4.0/5.0, Eye Candy plug-in, Corel 7.0, etc. Experience with Off-line video editing software (Adobe Premiere 4.0), concepts and procedures, including preparation of video material for on-line publication.
  • Experience with different UNIX clones (DEC OSF/1, Linux, FreeBSD), user-level and administration skills, including installation, configuration and integration into existing LAN. Installation and maintenance of Apache web server under DEC OSF/1, Linux and FreeBSD, some basic experience with Microsoft Internet Information Server under MS Windows NT. Basic experience of installation and administration of Novell Netware LAN.
  • Programming under DOS and Windows with Borland Delphi, Borland Pascal, Java, C/C++. Knowledge of 80x86, 8080 and IBM360 family assembler. Experience in information systems and database design. Knowledge of AI languages (Prolog, Prolax), expert system shells (BOW, CLIPS) and expert systems design. Knowledge of distributed computing (CORBA, Java RMI).
  • Knowledge of theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Techniques. Experience with the design of intelligent information systems.
  • Knowledge of IBM PC hardware.


Brainbench Master level: Web Programmer, HTML Programmer , Javascript Programmer, Perl Programmer, Written English, High IT Aptitude, Delphi Programmer, C Programmer, Windows 95 Power User, WWW Concepts

Brainbench Standard level: Java Programmer, RDBMS Developer, Unix Administrator, Linux Administrator, Windows 95 Administrator, Internet Security Specialist, Active Server Pages Programmer, MS Word Power User, Computer Technician, E-commerce Concepts, Math Fundamentals

Brainbench is a provider of on-line e-certifications administered through Internet. Many certifications were taken in 1999, and now have expired, but the remaining ones can be verified here

E-certifications: Perl Programmer (standard level) and Perl Programmer - Advanced (master level).