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Later on I will provide some more short stories which I have written when I had time. Now you have the chance to read one of short stories from a series A Girl Walking along the Edge of the Road.

Never Live Forever

It was the first time she saw Death at such a close distance. Through the bars of the cemetery fence she could see the people crying and a coffin with a white body in it. There were many people and relatives gathered around the rectangular hole, the blackness of which made the girl quiver.

All those people were sad, some in quiet ways, others almost hysterically. The whole procession manifested a concentration of sadness and woe, and only flowers reminded of life, which seemed to be otherwise forgotten on the other, inner side of the cemetery fence.

Feelings overwhelmed girls soul. They were strange kind of feelings, which she had never experienced before. "It is important not to lose control", she thought, and she made an effort to bring the comfort back to her soul. Still the impression of what she had seen remained, and somehow she felt disturbed.

"What a strange thing is to die", she thought, walking away from the cemetery, "I wonder what it feels like to be dead. Positively, it is better not to have any relatives of close friends - when you die it is such a pain for them". She never had close friends - and that was another argument that she was right. At last she smiled, and it meant that the comfort inside her was restored.

"Maybe it is even better to live forever", she continued contemplating. She looked around, at the green trees around her and the clear blue sky above, trying to imagine what it will be like to see those trees and the road forever. All the time just the trees and a grey endless road ahead of her. "Never!", she decided to herself, "never should I want to live forever. And I would not even have the temptation to live longer then I should. I guess I would see many things before I die, and even after that who knows what will happen".

"People pass away", she thought, "but life still goes on. It will always be, and it is so wonderful that I am to observe it. Maybe one day I will know the reason behind it". She did not now, but at least shw knew what to do. She had her aim, and it was most important.

Finally, she felt happy. Turning back she saw that the cemetery was already out of sight, covered by the green carpet of the trees. The cause of her disturbance had passed away, from sight as well as from her mind.

Another mystery of life was resolved...

31 Nov 1995