Short Stories

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Later on I will provide some more short stories which I have written when I had time. Now you have the chance to read the beginning of a long poem called

A Day

Alarm clock rings so early in the morning...
Being half-asleep I wash my face, still yawning,
I go to the kitchen, where there is
A tea-pot boiling in the morning breeze.
I drink some coffee, trying to delay
The time of making to the institute my way.
'Tis ten past seven! Time to go on,
I leave my flat to watch the glowing dawn,
I walk towards the bus stop. It is late,
It seems I will be late at any rate.
After some time of waiting comes the bus,
A crowd of people fighting - such a fuss -
And trying to get in. I'm trying, too.
It's difficult, however, you must do
Your best. But my attempt is not in vain,
I've managed to get in. It starts to rain...

Imagine metro station in the morning.
Ten million people want to move and to get going,
They hurry, run, they fight, they scream, they shout
In the attempt to enter undergroung.
However, in the early time of day
There ain't many people on the way.
My way, however, isn't very long,
It's just five minutes. Nothing can go wrong.
I enter underground with an ease,
Enjoying freshness of the morning breeze.
Train stops, and in a minute I'm out,
It seems that I am late with no doubt.
I have to take a tram, which takes another
Ten minutes. I am feeling cold and rather
Upset, 'cos if tram doesn't come along
I'm rather sure I will wait for long.
But, oh dear, here it comes so fast,
I'm getting in. I am relieved at last.

I'm being rather early, for there are
Five minutes left before the lecture so far.
We're getting in the room of such a size,
That spirit of the students seems to rise.
Professor enters twenty seconds in advance,
And silence comes into the room at once.
There is a day ahead of me, and I
Cannot a pleasure that it gives to me deny.
The lecture starts. All worries seem to fade
And thoughts of mathematics to invade
My brain. I'm staring at the space ahead
And writing down what have been just said.
It seems that I will never understand...
The lecture slowly advances to its end,
'Tis just ten minutes left, five minutes, one.
It's over now, and away I run...