Research Interests

Interests PhD Thesis

I am doing research in the field of AI and distributed systems at the department of Numerical Mathematics and Programming of Moscow Aviation Technical University. As a part of my PhD thesis I have developed a toolkit for creating distributed intelligent systems. My present research interests include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Expert Systems, Knowledge Representation (Frame and Production models), Intelligent Agents
  • Distributed Systems: CORBA, Java RMI, DCOM
  • Internet Technologies: Thin- and Think-client models, E-commerce in relation to selling knowledge, also via automated consultations
  • Java

There are also different areas where intelligent technologies can be applied, including:

  • Intelligent Adaptive Testing. With many adaptive certification providers nowadays (Braninbench, E-certifications, I believe that better tests can be made using expert systems technology
  • Intelligent Agents.
  • Intelligent E-commerce:There are two aspects to using intelligent systems for e-commerce: selling knowledge and remote consultations (B2B, B2C), and providing intelligent product advice (B2C). System being developed provides excellent technology for B2B environments!
  • Intelligent Web Promotion

You will find more detailed information by having a look at my publications.