SHWARSICO Association


SHWARSICO Association is a non-commercial association of enthusiastic professionals and amateurs, specializing in a broad range of creative activities, starting from web design and software development, and including multimedia, video and audio production, online and off-line publications and more. In some of the activities we specialize professionally - the major one being web design, web programming and web development. SHWARSICO is also engaged in community projects to enhance communication among younger students and ensure healthy learning environment by letting enthusiastic fellows take part in real-life non-commercial fun projects.

SHWARSICO was organized by joint efforts of myself and my childhood friend, Sergei Zenkevich, back in 1989. We are glad that our childhood idea keeps going somehow, and we hope it will evolve into useful efforts. SHWARSICO is now a trademark of a whole range of software products, and most of my non-commercial projects.

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